Episode 9 - "Welcome to Summer Days!"
Summer days
Misaki and Tatsuhiro watch the fireworks together.

English Name

"Welcome to Summer Days!"

Japanese Name

"Natsu no Hi ni Yōkoso!" (夏の日にようこそ!)

Manga Equivalent

Chapter 7


20 minutes

First Aired

September 3, 2006


"Welcome to Chinatown!"


"Welcome to the Dark Side!"


Kaoru is crushed when he is turned down by a girl named Nanako Midorikawa, after inviting her to go a fireworks festival with him. She claims that she has an audition the same night, and Kaoru accepts this excuse but does not believe it. Meanwhile, Tatsuhiro is tormented by his newfound feelings for Misaki, and is so disturbed he can't concentrate on writing a scenario. Tatsuhiro and Kaoru decide to showcase their game in the Summer Comiket, otherwise known as NatsuComi. After a long rant against women by Kaoru, Nanako calls to say she can go to the fireworks after all.  Kaoru abandons his rant and leaves to meet Nanako.  Tatsuhiro later goes with Misaki to the fireworks festival where they hold hands.