Chapter 27 - "Welcome to the Self-Destruction!"





English Name

"Welcome to the Self-Destruction!"

Japanese Name

Jijōjibaku ni yōkoso! (自縄自縛にようこそ!)

Published (Japanese)

November 25, 2006

Published (English)

March 2008


39-72 (34 pg)


"Welcome to the Migrant!"


"Welcome to the Trade Secret!"

Welcome to the Self-Destruction! ("Jijōjibaku ni yōkoso!", (自縄自縛にようこそ!) is the twenty-seventh chapter of the Welcome to the N.H.K manga.

Summary Edit

Misaki Nakahara is seen in the counselling office with Akira Jougasaki, where she pleads that her social inadequacy stems from the fact that she is too impressive and outstanding. When she returns home, she is curled up in a ball, claiming that no one cares about her. She receives a call from Satou's parents, asking her if she's seen him because he is in search of his angel. This gets her excited and brings her hopes back up.

Satou is about to knock on Kaoru Yamazaki's door when he hears Nanako Hidorikawa making sexual advances on him. Life melts from his face. He also notices the light on in his room, assuming that a stranger had already moved into his apartment. He accepts that things have changed, and leaves the Mita House.

He tries exploring the streets of Tokyo instead. He doesn't know how to manage himself, and he falls into a habit of gambling and sleeping in a bag on the bench. He comes to the realization that he is basically homeless and panics. He stops in at a Manga Cafe to talk to his MMORPG buddy Toro-Toro, and is now assuming the opposite role, telling him how he has escaped the clutches of Hikikomori livelihood. This time, Toro is asking for justificaiton on why he should stay alive despite nothing changing. He says that if Satou is unable to convince him, he will sign offline... forever. Satou explains to him that he has been free all along, and that there is always room for change.

Two other scenes appear temporarily. Hitomi Kashiwa is seen making friends online [1], as her husband looks defeated from the turmoil of being unable to help Misaki. Meanwhile, Yamazaki finishes a sexual encounter with Nanako, and immediately regrets it. He claims that he is scared and that it is not pure, entirely uncomfortable. Nanako becomes angry, claiming that his otaku lifestyle has subdued him into a lifestyle where he is afraid of change, and takes comfort in things he is used to.

Satou pauses temporarily while trying to convince Toro-Toro, and Toro signs offline. Satou is seen crying outside, knowing that Toro is likely already dead. However, he vows not to die, because Misaki is an angel, and he is simply vermin.

Footnotes Edit

  1. It is likely suggested that these "friends" are actually relationships with which she can hold an affair with. She attempted to do the same thing with Tatushiro Satou a few chapters back.