Chapter 17 - "Welcome to the Dogen-Zaka!"





English Name

"Welcome to the Dogen-Zaka!"

Japanese Name

"Dōgenzaka ni yōkoso!" (道玄坂にようこそ!)

Published (Japanese)

November 26, 2005

Published (English)

September 2007


39-72 (34 pg)


"Welcome to the No-Future!"


"Welcome to the Trap!"

Welcome to the Dogen-Zaka! [1] ("Dōgenzaka ni yōkoso!",道玄坂にようこそ!) is the seventeenth chapter of the Welcome to the N.H.K manga.

Summary Edit

The season now changes to spring. Tatsuhiro Satou and Karou Yamazaki are huddled up together, basking over the fact that their eroge is finally coming together. Yamazaki reminds them of their "original intentions" of creating the eroge, that they are creating this game for a "girl suffering with an incurable disease". Misaki Nakahara, comfortably listening outside their apartment window, wraps herself in bandages and utilizes fake blood. She slams the door open and fibs to the group that she has weak lungs and that she was recently hit by a truck, likely to persuade the two to name the game after her. Perverted Yamazaki snaps a picture of her, and Satou banters on how she's becoming crazier.

Yamazaki reminds Satou of his date with Hitomi Kashiwa, and Satou storms out, having completely forgotten.

Misaki considers a different way of growing closer to Satou, a mature way where she makes the analogy of "pampering him like an abandoned kitten". She is caught off-guard by some school friends that are shocked to see her after she had abandoned school for so long. She lied about studying abroad in America, and uses her "boyfriend" as an excuse to get away. The notion is unbelieveable to them, and they coerce her into accepting their attendance with her, by saying that they expect it to be "another lie as usual from Misaki".

Satou's mind wanders on the train, and he drifts into perverted thoughts with Hitomi. Misaki chases after Satou as he gets off his stop, and is flabbergasted upon seeing him mingling with another girl. Misaki follows them into the coffee shop, and eavesdrop on their conversation, to which banter with coverted flirtatious messages are exchanged. Hitomi insists they go to a more private area to discuss something. Tatsuhiro has a fantasy where Hitomi pulls him into a love hotel with her, both superficially embarrassed, and she asks him to choose a room for the two. She confesses her attraction to him, and strips down in front of him; before his fantasy is shattered by the sound of her voice.

His nose is still bleeding from the fantasy, and Hitomi attends to him, Misaki still devestated by the sights. Satou is shocked as they walk in front of a love hotel in real life, and embraces himself for a replication of his fantasy. She claims to feel tired, and calmly asks him if they should have an affair. Satou asks her if she is happy, and when she says "yes", Satou decides to depart and wishes her happiness with Akira Jougasaki.

Satou immediately regrets departing, and Misaki obsessively mopes alone in her room, furiously affirming that Satou belongs to her.

Footnotes Edit

  1. "Dogen-Zaka is a hip part of Shibuya, best known for attracting crowds of fashion-hungry young people." -Tokyopop's translation of the NHK Manga.

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